Trollbeads – Shades of Sparkle

Surprise Collection: Shades of Sparkle

COMING SOON – 06.08.2021

Sometimes we all need a light feeling of luxury. It is time for happy shades, casting shimmer to your life and bracelet. As a surprise collection we bring you the limited edition Shades of Sparkle collection.

The collection consists of 6 glass beads. Five of the glass beads are two-toned in delicate pastel colours. The last is in all colours of the rainbow, spreading hope and joy. All of the beads are embedded with 13 sparkling zirconia.

Shades of Sparkle Pacific: The shimmer is casting lights across the distant, restless water.

Shades of Sparkle Lagoon: Light sparkles like diamonds kissing the tops of the ripples.

Shades of Sparkle Silver: Light is shining even on a cloudy day.

Shades of Sparkle Rose: Gleam of morning dew on a pale rose.

Shades of Sparkle Peach: A crisp feeling of the sun rising over the horizon.

Shades of Sparkle Rainbow: Find diamonds at the end of the rainbow.

The Shades of Sparkle collection is available from August 6, 2021.