Elfbeads – Preview: Mystic Universe

Available Friday 27th april – ab Freitag 27. April erhältlich Ich möchte euch gerne zeigen wie unterschiedlich die Beads ausfallen….ich bin total begeistert! I would like to show you how different the beads turn out….I am totally amazed!  

A surprise..eine Überraschung….

…am 18. Mai erscheint nicht nur die Trollbeads Sommer Kollektion und das neue Booklet…nein, auch eine kleine Überraschung kommt für Euch…seid gespannt! …on May 18th not only Trollbeads summer collection and the new Booklet starts…no, also a little surprise…are you curious? ps: magst du türkis? do you like turquoise?

Elfbeads – Bonanza Deal

Mother’s Day Bangle Bonanza  Release 27th April Especially for Mother’s day we are very excited to introduce the second Elfbeads bangle: the Scale Bangle with accompanying Scale Stoppers. Normally the Scale Bangle retails for 75 euro and the Scale Stopper retails for 28 euro. The Bangle Bonanza Deal: The Scale Bangle + 2 Scale Stoppers and…

Ohm Beads – Boogily Heads Projet

Boogily Heads are the unique characters from the mind of artist Gus Fink. Each Boogily Head has their own unique abilities and flaws just like people do. Boogily Heads remind us all that the oddities of life are important and to not strive for perfection but happiness! Pre-Order now you dirty one at our >>>…